4 Ounce All Natural Room Spray/Linen, Carpet, Furniture Refresher


All Natural, all purpose room spray in a pretty cobalt blue plastic spray bottle. Ingredients include food grade alcohol, essential oils or fragrance oils depending on scent. The alcohol carries the essential/fragrance oils very well and evaporates leaving your air, carpets and furniture fresh and clean smelling without any chemical residue or stickiness. Spray it in the air as an air freshener, spray in the car for refreshing upholstery and carpet. Keep a bottle beside the bed and use it as linen spray. Also great for the bathroom or near your pet area, safe enough to spray onto the pet beds.

2 ounce bottle - approximately 300+ sprays

4 ounce bottle - approximately 600+ sprays

Lavender, Lemongrass and Peppermint spray made with pure essential oil.

Clean Cotton is a fragrance oil and a favorite of my customers.

Seasonal fragrances, available while supplies last - Pumpkin Spice, Crisp Apple and Christmas Cider are fragrance oils.

These Room Sprays are also great for refreshing our Wool Dryer Balls.


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