Joyful Sounds Farm

"The Sound of God's Laughter can be heard in the song of a bird."

About the crazy bird lady

My name is Joy Donahue and I live in South Carolina with my husband and two sons.   We have a 21 acre farm with chickens, peafowl, guinea fowl, goats, pheasants, ducks and quail.   I sell the fresh eggs locally.  I also sell hatching eggs or chicks for many different breeds.    I am always adding new breeds, there are so many beautiful chickens.  I will hatch for special orders.   

Song Birds and Finches are another passion of mine.  My birdroom is located in my home.  I currently have Canaries (many different colors), Lady Gouldian Finches (aka rainbow finch), Blue-capped Cordon Bleu, White-tailed Blue Diamond Doves,  Budgies, Cockatiels, and Button Quail in my birdroom.  I raise birds because I love the birds. I have been very fortunate to meet some extremely generous, expert canary breeders who have made it possible for me to raise beautiful, healthy birds. Without their help and assistance I would not have my birds. I will be forever grateful for their help and friendship.

I have many hobbies and most of them revolve around animals.  We have many family pets. We have dogs, cats, goats, fish, turtles, rabbits, fire belly toads, a gerbil, and a lizard.  I am a gardener and the guinea's are most helpful with insects.  I must thank my family for all of their support and patience with me and these hobbies of mine.  I know they have sacrificed for me to be able to en
joy my passion and I am very appreciative of their help and support.