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New Market selling our eggs!

Posted by Joy on September 3, 2011 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

We are excited to announce that Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery is having their grand opening Saturday, September 3 and they will be featuring Joyful Sounds Farm fresh chicken, duck and quail eggs.   If any of you live in the Travelers Rest area, go out and support this new business.  They are located about 2 miles west of downtown Greenville, near the intersection of Cedar Lane Road and the Blueridge Hwy.  For more information you can look at their website at 

So excited!

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I'm so excited - I finally purchased a cabinet incubator.  I have been hatching from the still-air styrofoam incubators for about 4 years now.  Of course, my hatch rates have dropped as the incubators aged.  I did it - made the investment and there's no going back. It's been running for a couple of days now and holding a steady temp with good humidity so I'm getting ready to fill it up.  Oh boy am I in trouble now.  :)

If anyone out there needs a cabinet incubator and you don't have $800.00+ to invest in one, I can give the name of a man that custom builds them himself.  They are really nice, with auto turners and a backup heating element.  I like that it's homemade by someone local and I'm helping someone just like myself who is it trying to make an honest living.

I will be keeping my newest styrofoam incubator with egg turner.  I'm thinking of offering it for rent (with hatching eggs) for classrooms to use.  If anyone is interested, just let me know.

Summer Update

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Well, summer is here and it's been hotter than blazes for a couple of months already.  We have baby ducks EVERYWHERE!  The mallard hens have been hiding their eggs, sitting and raising a dozen or more babies at a time.  We've had so many baby ducklings that the ducklings get confused over which Mom they belong too.  I've even had a few ducklings choose a different mother than their own.  One hen had 12 babies one day and 20 the next. But they're doing great and  they are swimming from day one in my little pond.  Check out my videos, I've uploaded a new one showing them swimming.  Needless to say we are in the process of trying to find a filter that works with ducks.

My Sebastopol goslings are doing really well and they are still as sweet as can be.  They each have their duckling friend that they were raised with when they were tiny babies but I've put them all together in the garden yard now.  They watch me and follow me through the fence and I love hearing their sweet chatter.  Hope to get a video of them up soon.  They are really doing a good job eating down the wire grass.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will continue eating the grass and leave the vegetables alone.  The cucumbers and tomatoes are looking great. The squash and cantaloupe are coming along a little slower but I was late getting them planted.

Some very exciting news for me - I finally have peachicks!  After 3 years of trying unsuccessfully (due to snakes and other issues) we have 5 little peachicks.  They were raised under a buff orpington hen and she's taking great care of them.  My peahen is also sitting on eggs so hopefully she will finally get to raise some babies too.  AND we have one beautiful little yellow fluffball - a Lady Amherst Pheasant chick.  It was a great season for babies.

We are still battling with predators.  The coyote has been spotted in the yard a few times but the guineas do a great job with the alarm call and I know they've saved a lot of my birds. We've lost at least 2 birds as we've found the feathers down in the woods.  I'm guessing they were from my free ranging layer flock, probably Americaunas.  I'm not missing any of my breeding birds.  I have lost a few heavy breed birds to the heat.  I am still working with the pyrenees puppies.  I use the term puppy loosely as they both weigh about 100 pounds each now.  They are still full of energy and not willing to leave my birds alone.  Keeping them confined is becoming a problem.  It seems that the goats are letting the dogs out.  They've broken 2 gates now.  It's become a normal thing to look out the kitchen window and see a goat standing in the driveway.  

My chicks are all growing up and filling up the breeding yards.  I have some exciting new breeds that I will be able to offer for sale next year. The bantam breeds that  I've added are Cochins, Rhode Island Reds, white Plymouth Rocks and white Silkies.  Love those silkies! The new standard breeds are Blue Marans, Blue Orpingtons, Salmon Favorelles, Braggs Mountain Buffs and La Fleche.


Posted by Joy on May 11, 2011 at 2:09 AM Comments comments (0)

Mark one more off of my wish list - I finally have a Sebastopol gosling and I'm in love.  They are the sweetest birds, very curious and not afraid of people at all.  They have the sweetest peeps.  I'm so happy to have one.  Video and pictures to come soon.

Spring has sprung....finally!

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Well, it's official - the chickens have taken over here!  At first, I used chicken wire and fencing to keep the chickens IN certain places.  Now, I'm using chicken wire and rabbit wire to keep the chickens OUT ....  hopefully.  Out of my flower beds and vegetable garden.  We spent the weekend putting up small fencing around the flower beds, bringing in pine needles and planting some new flowers.  Then I stood and watched a hen stick her head right through the fence just far enough to eat my beautiful new petunia!  The nerve of these birds.  So, next weekend we fence in a small garden spot because I do not plan to hand over my tomato plants without a fight.  And I did fight over them last year, only to lose in the end.  I have a new plan, this year I will win the tomato battle with the chickens.  At least my plan is to win, we shall see.  And the adventure continues.....

Chicks Hatching!

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I finally have blue laced red wyandotte chicks hatching!  I am so excited.  This is one of those breeds that I've tried to get for a couple of years now.   It's always exciting to have chicks hatch, but these are extra special.  Also put 3 more dozen eggs in the incubator - jersey giants, cuckoo marans, bantam wyandotte, blue cochin and polish crested.  :D

Some things I've learned this winter as a chicken farmer

Posted by Joy on January 25, 2011 at 10:14 PM Comments comments (0)

1.  Heated drinkers are worth every penny they cost, no matter if you use them 1 week or 6 weeks. 

2.  You never have enough drop cords.

3.  Ski bibs work great for feeding chickens in cold weather.

4.  You should keep a flashlight and zip ties in your coat pocket at all times.

5.  You should always zip tie brooder lights to something, chicks practice flying sooner than I think they should.

6.  If you smell smoke when you walk outside, do not assume it's your neighbors wood stove.

7.  Brooder lights catch fire when they fall on pine shavings.

8.  Smoked chickens are not a good thing, but baby chicks are tougher than they look.

Winter News

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Well winter is in full force here, and I'm ready for springtime.  I've been hatching chicks and "shopping" for some new additions to my farm.  I am happy to say that I have added several new breeds of chickens - bantam white plymouth rocks, bantam buff plymouth rocks, bantam rhode island reds, bantam cochins, bantam favorelles (blue) and some frizzles and sizzles (frizzled silkies).  I've also been fortunate enough to get some black copper marans (french standard), blue copper marans (french standard), blue laced red wyandottes, blue andalusians and some other interesting birds.  I was even able to get one blue birchen maran which I think is so beautiful.  I've been hatching all winter and I hope to have lots of birds to offer for sale in the spring.  I have lots of silkies, bantam wyandottes, leghorns, seramas, millies and duckwings growing in the brooder house.  There are even some white call ducks due to hatch very soon.  And I have added blue, chocolate and lavender muscovy ducks to the farm.  I'm so excited about these ducks!


Posted by Joy on October 18, 2010 at 2:51 AM Comments comments (0)

I am finally putting together my own custom designed website where I can hopefully start selling my eggs for hatching everywhere across the United States.  I will be posting updates here for what is going on around the farm.  It's taking longer than I anticipated but I can finally see that I'm making progress.  I hope to have it finished with working internet store very soon.