Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Georgia and Dixie The new puppies the first day we brought them home. They were 3 months old. Lap dogs! 118820798 Sweet Georgia She is a pretty girl. 118820799 Attentive Dixie Always watching. 118820800 Sisters First day at their new home, not feeling so well. Both girls get car sick and it was a long drive home. Georgia is already taking care of Dixie. 118820801 Georgia and Dixie 4 months old! 118822856 Dixie has a problem, I haven't been eating the chicken food. A little help please. 118822857 Noah and Georgia A boy and his dog. 118825429 Georgia and Dixie The puppies at 9 months old, they've grown a little. Dixie is always watching me. 118826516