We are a small, family owned farm.  I take care of my birds personally with occasional help from my sons and husband.  My eggs are limited by the number of birds that I keep.  I will ship your eggs as soon as possible but please keep in mind that it may take a day or two for me to collect them.  You can be assured that you will be receiving the freshest eggs available.  Chickens lay eggs in cycles and occasionally stop laying without warning.  If they are not laying when you place your order, I will contact you and give you the choice of being put on a waiting list or receiving a refund.  If you want to make sure of availability before placing an order, please email me at Joy@JoyfulSoundsFarm.com.    Shipping is $15.00 per dozen eggs to anywhere in the continental U.S.  Shipping charges are not included in the prices but will show up on your PayPal page.

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