Guinea Hatching Eggs


Guinea fowl are wonderful pest eliminators.  They feast on ticks, mosquitoes, fire ants and all sorts of bugs.  They work great in the vegetable garden, eating the bugs but not bothering the plants and vegetables.  They also make great watch dogs in the yard, sounding an alarm whenever something strange enters their territory.  Guinea keets can be a bit fragile, but the adult birds are very hardy.  Once grown, they free range eating any pest in their path and leaving most of your layer feed for the chickens.  These are a "must have" for the farm yard.

Colors that I have in my yard are pearl gray, white, royal purple and lavender.  You could receive any of these colors.  PLEASE NOTE***Guineas lay from April through October.  Eggs will be available late April/early May and through the summer.  Orders received before this time will be held and filled in the order that they are received.  I do keep a waiting list for my guineas.

1 dozen eggs  $12.00

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