Joyful Sounds Farm

"The Sound of God's Laughter can be heard in the song of a bird."

Breeds that we keep

Standard Chicken Breeds

I keep a mixed flock for my egg layers.  This gives me a beautiful rainbow of egg colors in each box of eggs that I sell.  Some of the breeds that I keep in my layer flock are: Americauna,  Barred Plymouth Rock,  Black Sex-link,  Blue Cochins, Golden Comets,    La Fleche,  Polish Crested,  Rhode Island Red,  Salmon Favorelle, White Leghorn,    White Plymouth Rock

Bantam Chicken Breeds

The bantam chickens are just to hard to resist.  They make great pets and they also lay small eggs which are great for eating (and hatching).  Some of the bantam breeds that I keep are:  Cochin, Cochin-frizzles, Mille Fleur D'Uccle, Mille Fleur D'Uccle, Silkie, Silkie-frizzle,  White Plymouth Rock, Old English, Crele  Wyandotte.


Call Ducks-white, Cayuga, Indian Runner, Mallard, Muscovy -blue, chocolate, silver,    Pekin, Swedish Blue & Black

Other Fowl

Guineas - pearl, lavender, royal purple, white, chocolate


Sebastopol Geese

Coturnix Quail